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August 10, 2014

Aaron and Neriah,

Today marks six years of that horrible day.  Not a day goes by that I don’t think of you both.  The only comfort in this (which is also a horror), is that you have no memory of us.  How awful it would be to know that you guys remembered and missed us – at the same time, the pain inside me is more than I can express, to know that you have no memory of us.  But since I shouldn’t be selfish, I’ll rejoice in the fact that you don’t know what’s happened.  I hope you’re happy and growing up in the Lord, knowing His love for you.  I will never forget you, ever, and I will love and miss you the rest of my days…. Meemaw.

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Another Thought

This was written in June, 2013.

Well, this is June 2013, you guys are living in Charleston, SC, 90 miles from us.  I found out you were living there, not by your parents, but by snooping around.   So often, I want to jump in the jeep and drive over to see you, if only from a distance.  A couple of weeks ago, I saw on your mother’s facebook page that you, Neriah, were having a bake sale.  She mentioned your address and the time of your bake sale.  I desperately wanted to drive over and buy something from you, knowing you’d have no idea who I was, but I could see you and maybe talk with you……then realized that if your mom saw me that there might be a scene and Sweetie, that is the absolute LAST thing I’d ever want you to be in the middle of!  THAT and only that is what has kept me from making that drive over.   I think of you and Aaron every single day!   I love and miss you both so very very much!!!   Meemaw.

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A Memory

This was written June 3, 2013.


I was sitting, reading my Bible this morning and saw something I wrote in it back in May, 2006.  I was saying all that I was undeserving, but so grateful for and one was for being able to talk to your mother every day and to hear your tiny little voice on the phone.  Your dad was stationed in England at that time (2004 – 2007), and Papa made sure we had good phone coverage so that we could talk to you guys every single day, which I did.  Sometimes for hours your mother and I would talk and we did that for three years, the entire time they lived there.  Your little voice was so high and squeaky.  It makes me smile and cry just thinking about how much I miss it – and YOU!    I miss you so very much, Sweetie….you’re never out of my thoughts….ever!

As for you, Aaron….I’m so sad that we never got the chance to know you the same way.
I love you guys so very much….Meemaw.
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My Dream Last Night

This is from January 18, 2013.

Dear, Sweet Neriah.

I had a dream about you last night, as I often do, but this one was different.  I don’t remember much about it.  I don’t know where we were.  Your mother was there, being her cold self to Papa and I – not that she was “cold” before the accusation, only after and in all my dreams that she’s in – and she’s in many.  Anyway, you were the age you are now, 7 (normally when you’re in my dreams, you’re much younger).  We were all outside somewhere and you came out of a house, not familiar to me.  You ran across the yard to where Papa and I were sitting.  Your arms were spread wide open and you were screaming in excitement……”Meemaw!”  You ran up to us and gave me the biggest hug I’ve ever had, or at least it felt that way in the dream.  I was crying like a baby, as was Papa.  I was so happy to see you, the warmth of your hug, your excitement, your beautiful face…..all of that.  But most of all, Sweetie, I was crying with joy at the fact that you remembered who I was.    
I love you, Sweetheart, from the bottom of my heart and I have missed you deeply, every single day since you left here on June 13th, 2009.
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